Locations: Reusable map data and visualisation


Reusable map data and visualisation


The raw geodata of the map is available through a CORS-enabled endpoint at i.e. /map.geojson (and for categories respectively) in the form of standards-compliant GeoJSON, which extends the availability of the raw data through the .json route.

Additionally there is an embeddable full screen map that directly links to the maximised version of the map, omitting the Discourse navigation bar (class “contents”). This is made available through /map/embed

Use Case

In a location-based community that is scattered across the globe, people use Discourse to organise events and inform themselves mutually about them.

This information and representation may be taken out of the Discourse context, and be published elsewhere.


We would maybe be able to support this development through the Degrowth Support Group, depending on available funds for communication and dissemination.