Locations not showing on map


Discourse Version: latest +577

Plugin Commit: 5145d87

Other Plugins
I have all others disabled

Steps to Reproduce

I have added multiple topics with locations and they are not showing up on the map





Something not right about the individual records there David. If you look, the one that is showing on the Category map also has a ‘show map’ icon on the topic.

If you look at the others, they don’t.

So I suspect you’ve named, but not found and selected an address? Could you please screenshot one of those deliquent Topics’ Location forms?

It seems to be an issue with it saving the found address, or I could be doing something wrong?

Something has already got fixed there David. The map button is now showing. Looks like you hadn’t saved it properly before? This one should now show on the main map? (I checked, it now does) Check the other Topic?

So strange, I went in and saved multiple times before and it didn’t work, no I go save it and it works fine :crazy_face: this can be closed, no idea what happened here!

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