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Locations: Remove location from anonymised user


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Hi everyone.

A feature request if possible please :blush:

When we anonymise a user, are you able to catch that action and also remove any location they may have stored on their profile?

Otherwise, we have these on our member map:

Looks odd on the user card for an anonymised user too.

And what with it being personal information etc :slight_smile:

Use Case

Anonymised users are still displaying personal information in the user map.


Huh. Actually, I think this is a bug with the anonymize feature, not this plugin. It should wipe out contents of any custom fields, which I presume this plugin depends on. I just checked on my site and custom fields set by sso are still present. Good to realize this.

There is a topic about this on meta. There is mention of this issue and it is indeed delegated to the plugins to clean up upon anonymize. Personally I think this is the wrong approach. Discourse should make sure the user is properly anonymized.

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@Richie Thanks for reporting this. We’ll action it ASAP.


Thanks @angus :+1:t2: