Locations: Cascade location from profile to New Topics and Avatars Therin

Locations: Cascade location from profile to New Topics and Avatars Therin


Cascade the location set in members’s profile (likely through the wizard plugin that I discovered today :grinning: ) to new topics they create as well as their avatars as they appear in topics.


fairly straightforward…

Members’ location (specified in their profile) is automatically set in any new topic they create.

Each members’ location is displayed alongside/under their “avatar” in a topic.

Use Case

First off I really love the plugin as is, but I’d like to make it easier for our members to connect with others in their locale and expand the connection IRL.

In our interest-based community (kartpulse.com) local knowledge is key and making real life connections is very powerful.

I’d like to present that information inline to make it more discoverable and also make it less burdensome for new posters.

I think having these two features would add a lot to the plugin for forums that (general) location is valuable.



For a visual on where I talk about “avatar” here’s a hacky thing we tried where we added a “region” as a badge.

Hi guys. Thoughts on this? :smiley:

Hey @bobthebuilder,

I had a bit of time this arvo, so I did the basic groundwork for part of this request. I added a user’s location below their username on their posts in the site setting “location user post” is on.

Note that I haven’t addded any formatting.

For the other piece, just to clarify:

You want the user’s location to be set as the topic location?

If you’d like to support this work you can do so here:

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I tested this and it seems to add my location to everyones post rather than the users location.


Thanks for looking into this…

Yes please! Of course we want to retain the ability for users to change the location of the topic if they need to. But generally, every topic (in a category where locations are enabled) should have the location populated with the user’s location from their profile.

Shall do so.

Also, what are your thoughts on displaying location as a badge?

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I haven’t forgotten about this, just been swamped. Will get back to it soon.

No worries. Thanks for updating me.

@bobthebuilder I’ve just committed both features requested here.

User’s location on post

The site setting location_user_post toggles the display of a user’s location on their posts (@davidkingham the issue with all posts is fixed). The site setting location_user_post_format allows you to format the display of this location.

Default location when creating topic

There is a new setting location_topic_default which allows you to set a default location for new topic creation. The current options are none (default) or user (which sets the default location to the current user’s location, if there is one).

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Thanks Angus, I tried turning location_user_post back on and now nothing displays below the username. Is there anything else I need to set to display this?

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Thanks so much for doing this.

I gave it a go here by posting a new topic:

However the location did not “automatically” set for the topic. (I manually added afterwards)

After this is done I think I’ll need a third feature… which is out of scope so I don’t mind making a second donation

A script to update (rebake?) existing topics with the location of the topic creator’s profile.

Hi guys… any ideas on the likelyhood ofbyhis being implemented? :crossed_fingers: