Locations: Auto Pick current GPS location from mobile sensor




Auto Pick current GPS location from mobile sensor


I wish if it could pick the current location of the android mobile the user is currently using it from.

Use Case

We use our forum to report local municipal corporation problems of/from diff wards. We want to track which area/ward user is reporting his complaint from.

Hey Bathinda! Thanks for your feature request.

We want to make sure we understand what you’re looking for so we can build the right thing for you. To check my understanding: Your users make topics and posts with reports, you want some way to display the rough location these posts are coming from.

Who would you want to be able to see the poster’s location - everyone or only staff? Are reports being made as individual topics or posts within a topic? Do you want this location tracking on for everything on your forum or exclusively for reports? Are people self-submitting their location right now?

Would you mind linking us your forum so we can see your current workflow, it would be a big help!

  1. Either anyone could see or if it can be controlled then that could be better.
  2. Currently only topic creator can share his location, if he wishes.
  3. Everything or Reports: I didn’t understand this point.
  4. Yes, they’re self submitting, but not all of them.
  5. My forum is: https://bathinda.xyz (Hindi)