Locations are not interpolated into user profile


Discourse Version: Discourse Version: 2.7.0.beta3 ( f5b18e2a31 )

Plugin Commit: d339130

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Steps to Reproduce

I will upload the .json for this one.

  1. Create a wizard with a step and a field.
  2. For the field:
  • type: Location (Location Plugin)
  1. Add an action
  • type: update profile
  • run after: wizard completion
  • map the user field to Location and the wizard field for the field you created above.

Run the wizard and check if the location is updated.


member-only site, but will upload screenshots and the wizard json


From Wizards > Logs

  wizard: welcome_photo_location; action: update_profile; user: Steve_Lambert; success: updated profile fields - fields: avatar,location


the-salk-labs-wizards-1613426337.json (2.8 KB)


Thanks for the report, however this is a feature request rather than a bug. I’ll have to specifically look at this intereaction between the two plugins. The only tested profile location interpolation is the core string location (i.e. non Locations plugin location). Will attempt to look at that soon.

Ok cool.

I have to be honest, it’s not critical I am just kinda obsessed with getting a map going of all the users around the world on this pair of sites I’m running. Getting it into a wizard would make that much simpler to explain to newbies…

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