Limitations of the Journal Plugin

These are the known limitations of the Journal Plugin. If you find any others, please respond here.

Conflicts with other plugins

Layouts Plugin

Layouts can be installed, but if there is a sidebar applied to journal topics it will break the Journal topic styles. I’ll address this when I can.

Question Answer Plugin

QA can’t be installed on the same instance. It’ll break the frontend mechanics of this plugin. I’ll address this when I can.

Features of normal topics that are missing

Timeline is disabled entirely (this post ordering doesn’t work with the timeline mechanics).

Potential style issues

Journal style changes, particularly comment indentation, will not work in all themes out of the box. The spacing in Discourse topics is delicate. It’ll take time to get that right so that it works well out of the box across different themes.

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Is there absolutely no way to implement this?
Discourse core provides a topic view filtered by posts of a specific user only. Can’t that be used to generate the timeline?

Yes, there is, but I didn’t do it as part of v1. Could you explain your timeline needs in detail?

For our use case a custom approach would be required based on additional post metadata from the journal owner.

But for initial implementation we are just looking for stock timeline behaviour . The timeline should only count the journal entries, not comments that are indented. Basically it should replicate the timeline behaviour as if the posts were filtered by user (in our case the topic owner)

Hey guys

Any news regarding the timeline?

I also need a timeline in this plugin now myself (for a different usecase), so yes, it will be added quite soon, i.e. in the next 2 weeks.

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