Layouts Interoperability

This topic is for the interoperability of the layouts plugin with any other customisation. Please post any interoperability questions here. Unless otherwise noted, interoperability is handled via adding CSS to your theme or a seperate theme component.

Discourse Kanban

Add this to a theme or theme component

div.discourse-kanban {
  margin-left: initial;
  left: initial;
  width: 100%;

.discourse-kanban-container div.kanban-spacer {
  width: 50px;
  min-width: initial;

Discourse Category Banners

Set the layouts sidebar left position and / or layouts sidebar right position site settings to “sticky” if you’re using the Category Banners theme component.

This is such an elegant solution. Thank you! My question is, is it possible for the CSS to still allow the Kanban Board to extend all the way to the right of the screen? See the difference between the Light theme (where I added the CSS) and the Dark theme (where I didn’t).

My other thought was, perhaps another solution is to have Layouts start next to the Topic list as opposed to just under the banner. See where the red arrow is pointing below.

Blog Post Styling Interoperability

I noticed that when Layouts in enabled in a category that uses Blog Post Styling, the Blog Post Styling no longer applies. I’d love to be able to exclude Layouts from showing up on our Blog category.

UPDATE: I found a temporary solution. I changed the settings on the Discourse Kanban component to show 4 columns instead of 3 and that helps because now we can still see more columns when adding the CSS that you provided without sacrificing the overlap that happens with Layouts.