layouts-category-list-widget: site.categories is undefined


Discourse Version: 2.6.0.beta5

Plugin Commit: 1e24322e0bbcc07f0d4c9678f3bf750a2f2f9c0d

Other Plugins

Steps to Reproduce

Enable discourse-layouts
Install layouts-category-list-widget
Don’t have to add it to ‘Layouts’, just have the component installed and enabled
Log out
Get a blank screen and console error ‘Uncaught TypeError: site.categories is undefined’
Have to log in on mobile and either disable the component or the layouts plugin
I also repeated the steps on a fresh installation with no other plugins enabled. The other widgets for the layouts plugin don’t cause an error.


Uncaught TypeError: site.categories is undefined
initialize 4a3e21af67301482e1fd884648377e8ec750dafb.js:40
initialize _application-4f3b9f4acf1afec48dd3053793cc01952dea474ad93bafd570b97eda65c17c29.js:6890

Thanks also for this report.

I can’t repro this locally, here on, or (which is running the same versions you’ve reported).

Could you try rebuilding your instance?

Rebuild, but then realized I only get the blank screen when I log out and the site is set to “login required”.
With anonymous access enabled, it loads fine.

Ah, that’s it, good catch. Fixed

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