Knowledge Base: Reorder Knowledge Base categories

Knowledge Base: Reorder Knowledge Base categories


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Reorder Knowledge Base categories


It is possible to reorder topics within a category right now but not the order of the categories themselves. It makes sense to have a similar up/down arrow ui or at least have the category order change when the category order on the forum changes.

Use Case

Oftentimes it makes sense for categories in a knowledge base to be in a particular order (usually importance). In particular being stuck with having an “illogical” category first because of an early misstep is unpleasant and can look weird.

Imagine if some of the later “categories” here were reordered first!

@angus, 5 votes. :slight_smile:


Let’s see if it’s possible for you to schedule it in and for me to be ok with that :slight_smile:

Pick a day at least 2 weeks from now. Make the time in Melbourne timezone. And assign me.

Then we can let the people who have voted for it know on meta.

That should hold me to account.


@angus reminder that this was scheduled for today

Still a bit behind :slight_smile:

Will also get to this in the coming week.

Those event reminders will be useful!