knowledge-base: link topic urls to kb pages

knowledge-base: link topic urls to kb pages




link topic urls to kb pages


It would be nice if a kb page would link topic urls to kb pages.

Use Case

The benefits are:

  1. retain the rendering of link mini-onebox
  2. preserves the flow of being inside kb pages

As an example of the problem, see the following kb-page:

The first “Imperial Conflict” link looks right, but takes you away from the kb. The second link doesn’t render the mini-onebox but does keep you in the kb.

Compare to this to the topic version:

Here, the first link looks right and preserves the flow between topic views. However, the second link now breaks you into the kb from a topic, which feels strange.

Ideally, the same topic url could be used in either view, and the topic version would link to a topic like it does now, and a kb page would link to a kb page.

I’m removing the examples from my site, but can’t edit the original message here anymore.

To clarify the request: it’s for links of either type (topic or kb) to both render the mini-onebox and also retain the user’s current ux.

Sorry we haven’t responded to this sooner!

I’m currently unsure whether to keep supporting this plugin given that there is now a knowledge base theme component developed by the Discourse team. Have you tried that theme component?

No worries!

I haven’t tried it, but I did see it and wondered about what that meant for this plugin.

I’ll give it a go sometime. Thanks for responding. :+1:

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