Issue with discourse Layouts Plugin

Hello All,

I have an issue with enable sidebars in Layouts plugin. When i click on the save button, it is not saving in the category settings table.

  • Enable left sidebar for selected routes in this category
  • Enable right sidebar for selected routes in this category
  • Left widgets for this category


But I am able to add the html content for all already existing ones. Anyone has this issue ?

I’ll be addressing this as part of the v0.2 update.

Looking to release it early next week

Is this a known issue ?

No it was not :slight_smile: , I appricate the report :+1:

It is now fixed as part of the v0.2 update (now live in master). Documentation on the new version will follow in the next few days.

Yes please. Happy to update the html widget to support but some description of the changes would be good.

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@angus: I have added IFrame in one of the custom html code. If I move from latest top list to topic, iframe is getting refreshed. However plain html part in the custom html code is not getting refreshing.

Question: Is there any way to prevent iframe to reload when moving from Category page with topic list to a particular topic [same category]. Appreciate your response.

You see the example here: National Football League - WhatTheForum: Let's have a discussion