Is it safe to update Discourse and/or the Custom Wizard Plugin at the moment?

@angus - I’d like to update this week to take advantage of a vital (to me) update in core Discourse. I note that the CWP hasn’t been changed for two weeks or so, but of course Discourse has.

The update is this:

Verifying this takes up a lot of our bandwidth and it’s not always possible when we are busy with client projects.

Why not test it yourself on a staging site? That’s a good habit/regime to get into in general. Pushing upgrades direct to Production without a pre-check in a test environment is a bad idea, especially with 3rd party plugins (in general). Save your users from disruption and downtime and maintain a reputation for stability. This is especially important if you are relying on Discourse for a business.

Our, pro-active, free support for breaking changes around upgrades targets the first 5 days of the month only. For the rest of the month you do so at your own risk.

We are considering a paid option for clients outside this period. Let us know if that’s of interest.

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Because I’m way too lazy to clone all the changes I make! But not a bad idea, especially with Theme components and Plugins. Definitely something I should do in future; would be good practice for mucking about with instances safely too.

I more wanted to know if any serious trouble was anticipated, rather than expecting you guys to run around and fix things for free (although @angus has been exceptionally generous to us on that front already). I know you guys keep very close tabs on Discourse and have a fair idea of the level of risk.

We’re working on a notification system to assist with this. Watch this space.

Hey @Nathan,

I was about to say yes go ahead, because I did all the major upgrades for CW last week, however I just imported your main wizard into and I’m seeing an issue.

Hold tight I’ll update you again in the next 24 hours with a fix.

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@Nathan Ok I’ve added some more checks for your crazy wizards (which are a great test case).

Please update!

Ping me on whatsapp if you see any issues and I’ll address tmr morning.


You are a diamond, thank you. Updated now, seems happy.

Yeah, I’m going to trim them down significantly early soon as what I built them for (thousands of joiners in a short space of time that I needed to categorise urgently) hasn’t eventuated at all, and we are now in a much more controlled, slower phase.

And those multiple use links make a lot of the functionality that I was trying to capture unnecessary now.