Inconsistent display of date in latest feed


Discourse Version: 2.4.0.beta6

Plugin Commit: cdb289a

Other Plugins
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Steps to Reproduce

Refreshing the “Latest” or “Top” pages, or navigating away and returning, will occasionally move the calendar date before the title of the event. Refreshing usually keeps it that way for a couple of refreshes, and then it goes back.


You can take a look at our site if you want, try refreshing and navigating away from and back to this page.



I have tried to change the title to “Date information displayed inconsistently in topic titles in ‘Latest’ ‘Top’ and other pages listing events”

@elapp Thanks for this bug report. @fzngagan is the maintainer of the Events Plugin, so he’ll be following up with you about this.

@fzngagan As this should be a simple fix, let’s make it a priority after you’re done with the Westminster TS work.


@elapp I was on a break and now I’m back.

@angus, I just had a look at

It seems that there’s some customization done to the topic list item where the event date is shown after the title. On pavilion, the date is shown before the event title.

Is it some customization(theme component or custom css) which might be causing the inconsistency?

I noticed this too and reported it separately. Sorry for the dupe. It puzzles me and I gave up and deselected that admin setting


Thanks, @fzngagan, I have done the exercise just now of disabling all components and all custom css and see if the bug is still there and yes it is still there.

So, I strongly believe it’s coming from the plugin itself, when the date is inserted.

When it happens, it creates two different html structures sometimes:

  1. date is on the same level with the event/topic name, resulting in the date having it’s own line below the event name (we would prefer that)

  1. date is nested in the event/topic name, resulting in the date being before the event name

You can reproduce this by clicking on Events, see how it looks, then click on the Events tab again and see how it changed.

Then you can go to Categories for example, come back to Events and it’s the first structure again, click on Events, it’s the second structure.


I can reproduce the issue. I’ll take a look today…

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This issue is fixed here.

Please update the plugin and confirm the fix @elapp, @tobiaseigen


Thanks for this, and apologies in the delayed confirmation - took us a bit to be able to update. It seems to be fixed now!

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