How we develop our members

How we develop our members

@Eli and @merefield Hey guys, @fzngagan and I are going to have a video chat today. This is what we’ll be discussing. It’s a combination of various strands we’ve been discussing jointly and in our one on ones. I’m thinking here of how we engage with each member of Pavilion.

We’ll want to progressively formalise this into a “member development system” that starts when you join and continues while you’re a member. At the moment it’s “manual”, but the goal is to systematise “personal development” within the context of Pavilion as well. Anything building on this welcome.

  1. About you

    1. Your background
    2. What you’re doing currently
    3. What you hope to achieve in the future. This includes:
      • Professional and personal goals
      • Your budget. How much money you’re looking to / need to make with Pavilion work.
  2. Pavilion

    1. Current state of the organisation
    2. Where we’re going
    3. Your role
  3. Stakeholder engagement

    1. Users of Events Plugin (and other plugins)
    2. Other members of Pavilion
    3. Members of CDCK (
  4. Workflow

    1. How things currently work
    2. How the workflow could be improved
    3. What will be the hardest and easiest parts of the workflow for you.
  5. Your current tasklist:

    1. What you’re working on now
    2. What you’ll be working on in the future
    3. What is important and what is exciting. In this vein take a look at this: Feature Request: Recurring events · Issue #47 · paviliondev/discourse-events · GitHub
    4. Testing
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Can we touch a little on testing if thats ok…?

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@angus, I’ll be joining in 5 minutes. I’m trying to set my camera up.

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@staff Hey guys, @fzngagan and I had a great chat yesterday, covering all of the above points.

@fzngagan I’ve got a long follow up list (as I’m sure do you as well!), which I’ll be handling in the coming days. Just a quick note to say that we just got one more person pinging us about that recurring events feature: Feature Request: Recurring events · Issue #47 · paviliondev/discourse-events · GitHub. It might be a good idea to leave a note there explaining how and when you’ll be handling it.


@angus. Yup, I’ve also got a list which I’m trying to note down in order not to forget the points.

I think I’ll fix some bugs and get to the recurring events later this week. I’ll tell them to hang around meta and pavilion to track the progress of that feature…