How to Use: Portfolio Function (aka User Wall)

Portfolio function (aka ‘User Wall’)

TLP makes changes to each User’s public profile page too.

  1. You can style the Topics activity stream
  2. An additional Activity category called ‘Portfolio’ (a name the admin can edit)

The second provides a new route and a button to get there on the desktop user card. Users can tag Topics they wish to appear there as a showcase. The tag is set by the admin. You can see the route in the screenshot below:

You can style the feed with the same TLP elements. You can change the name of it (above it’s called ‘Featured’)

It’s a bit like a User Wall. It’s a bit hard to find without the user card button but it serves to show a bunch of Topics the user has authored that they wish to highlight. They have to add the tag to the Topic for it to show. Some day I might add a button to do the same which might be a bit more intuitive!

It’s particularly useful for sites that have an image focus. Sometimes users want to show off a gallery of work, eg photography, 3D design.

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i’m pretty sure this plugin is what i want. i’m just curious if it’s possible to additionally tag content to make it visible to ‘friends only’ on the profile page?

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No there is no discretionary, special behaviour around ‘Friends’. User Wall is presented as is to whomever has access to those Categories.

If someone doesn’t have access to those Categories, however, they should not be able to see those specific Topics in the portfolio list.

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has additional privacy been considered as potential future feature?

i would love to be able to restrict profile wall content according to tags. for example, tag a post with “friends” and only friends will be able to see it on my profile wall.

if we want to get excessive in a social media-like way, maybe also “mutual” for friends who my friends and i have in common to see it, “friendsoffriends” for friends of my friends to see it, and “followers” for my followers to see it.

also, perhaps buttons should be prominently displayed beside the reply button.

i will help test the heck out of these features & provide regular feedback by the way.

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TLP is purely about changing appearance. It’s beyond the plugin’s scope to alter the security access. TLP doesn’t have a concept of Friendship.

Part of the roadmap is to decommission the plugin and move to the TC version as soon as Chromium browsers better support the faster tiles rendered. TCs do not even have access to alter the API, so it would not be possible to add this feature.

What you are asking for could be implemented but I think that’s more suitable for another plugin, possibly Follow and even then messing with such fundamentals might not be a good idea in a ‘core’ plugin.

In any case feel free to raise a Feature Request against Follow. PR welcome.

Alternatively you might consider commissioning a bespoke plugin if the requirement is in any way urgent.

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@merefield - any suggestions on where we can see this live? I’d love to check it out before installing it in our communit.

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Hey Dawn (? :slight_smile: ), welcome to the community.

The best way to see this is install the TC version on a Theme you don’t default for users, then play around with the settings and see how it looks.

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Thanks! I’ll definitely try that!!