How to Use: General Settings

How to use

Install the plugin in the usual way by adding its URL to app.yml.

As usual, all settings are in Admin → Settings → Plugins.

The most critical settings are the following. They work in a slightly unintuitive way in that you add the view you want the feature to appear in, to the feature, like so:


So, if you want, for example, thumbnails to appear on Latest, you add ‘latest’ to the thumbnail setting, etc.

Make sure, when changing the population of the multi-select you click the tick icon to commit the change or it won’t save!

You can choose to have Tiles layout, or just a normal line-by-line view by adding or removing views to the tiles option.

Add excerpts, thumbnails etc. to your taste.

You can have featured images at top and you can size them.

You can set the thumbnail size for non-tiles views and for tiles you can add a featured tag to a topic and it will be shown very very big.

You can choose to have Discourse use lower resolution thumbnails or force the client browsers to fetch the full images for each of the previews (lots of bandwidth but prettier).

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