Hi! I'm Tracey

Hi! I'm Tracey

Hey I’m Tracey. I was a forum moderator on Hopscotch Forum (first as a volunteer community member, and then as part of a remote internship). Now I’m experimenting with starting a small gaming community on Discourse.

Since I’m self-hosting this time around, I get to play around more with customisation. I’ve seen work from Pavilion around Discourse Meta and I’m excited to see if there’s some way I can contribute here. :blush:


Hey Tracey!

Thanks for saying hi, and sorry it took so long to respond, I’ve been away.

We’d love to have someone like yourself involved in our work. The best resource explaining how membership works, and the different ways you can be a member and get involved is here: How membership works.

If you have any questions after reading that, or want to get involved in a project, let me know!