Guest language switcher broken on current version?


Discourse Version: Discourse 2.6.0.beta1 - version 630ec7b49cd98358736c5445302c509c62c68653

Plugin Commit: Latest

Other Plugins
discourse-assign 0.1 N
discourse-azure-ad 0.1 Y
discourse-calendar 0.2 N
discorse-chat-integration 0.1 N
discourse-multilingual 0.1.0 Y
discourse-nationalflags 2.0 Y
discourse-topic-trade-buttons 0.0.1 N
discourse-translator 0.2.0 Y
docker_manager 0.1 Y
neo-revive-discourse Y

Steps to Reproduce

For a guest, click on a language in the header or footer language switcher, the page refresh but stays in the default language.



(Can you please delete the link after reviewing the issue? It is a forum in dev :pray:)

I know you do a round of upgrade in the begining of the month, so no hurry at all, it’s just a heads up for the next month.


No log generated by this issue. I only have the recurrent maxmind db since I didn’t set up a licence for this