Global settings have no effect


Discourse Version: 2.4.0.beta10

Plugin Commit: I don’t know how to check this (installed a couple of days ago, so very recent, I think)

Other Plugins
discourse-assign 0.1
discourse-calendar 0.2
discourse-checklist 0.4.1

Steps to Reproduce

Enabling “Allow events to be added to topics in all categories.” in Admin > Settings > Plugins has no effect. No event button is visible when creating a new topic in any of my categories. These other global options neither have an effect: Show an agenda/calendar topic list in all categories.

First disabling these options (+ saving) and then enabling (+ saving) them again on individual categories does make things work.


I’m hosting a private forum.


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I’m aware of this one. Thanks for bringing it to my attention again. The settings are overriden by the category settings both in terms of disabling and enabling which is confusing.

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