Following standard upgrade, site is blank


Discourse Version: 2.8.0.beta2

Plugin Commit: Commits · discourse/discourse · GitHub

Steps to Reproduce

Upon browsing to the home page of the site. The site is blank.

When I disable the plugin:discourse-topic-previews
topic list previews enabled: Enable Topic List Previews plugin

the site returns topics, without the nice masonry previews


Thanks for your help


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(anonymous) @ bbd9a8f8b0f211eeec2f106f4192e12165101d80.js?
(anonymous) @ bbd9a8f8b0f211eeec2f106f4192e12165101d80.js?

Thanks for the report.

This should be fixed as of COMPATIBILITY: remove deprecated routes · paviliondev/discourse-topic-previews@971ba5d · GitHub

Please take note of the supported period for upgrades.

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