Follow Network menu unavailable on mobile

Follow Network menu unavailable on mobile


Discourse Version: Pavilion

Plugin Commit: Pavilion

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Can’t access the following/followers tabs that usually appear on desktop.



Both working on mobile for me …

If you have a chance can you take a screenshot and post it please?

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Ok broken was a bad word, edited title for clarity.

On desktop there are two menu options:

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Yep. Agree! Looks like a bug

As a design choice for this type of column selector maybe following the default discourse ui look would preferable too? Unsure.


So it works on desktop in mobile view:


The problem is that on iPhone at least, the right drop down is not being populated.

This template appears to be failing:


Doesn’t work on mobile view for me on my laptop:

Can you open the javascript console - do you see any errors?

Don’t think so:

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@angus & I got together and solved it:

The challenge is these template level bugs can silently fail.