Field Interpolation

A number of wizard setting text inputs support wizard field and user field interpolation. This means that you can insert wizard or user data into blocks of text that the user sees in the wizard.

“Interpolation” noun. The insertion of something of a different nature into something else.


The basic usage of field interpolation is w{field_id} for wizard fields and u{field_name} for user fields.


For example, if you have a field with the id “step_1_field_1” where a user enters their name, you can use that field in a post template using w{step_1_field_1}.




You must use the exact field ids, not the field labels, and exact user properties. You can see the field ids in (brackets) next to the field label.

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 1.54.12 PM
If the value stored in the wizard field is an object, you can use dot notation to access properties of that object.


For example, the value of an Upload field is an object that looks like this:

{“id”=>“17099”, “url”=>"//", “original_filename”=>“DSC_2513 - NPN 1500px 2020.03.07.jpg”, “filesize”=>“422440”, “width”=>“1500”, “height”=>“956”, “thumbnail_width”=>“690”, “thumbnail_height”=>“439”, “extension”=>“jpeg”, “short_url”=>“upload://n506tVd67Ud4VTMlxqt8nIZPTPD.jpeg”, “short_path”=>"/uploads/short-url/n506tVd67Ud4VTMlxqt8nIZPTPD.jpeg", “retain_hours”=>"", “human_filesize”=>“413 KB”}

To interpolate the url of the upload into a field, use the notation w{field_id.url}. This allows you to interpolate an image uploaded via an Upload field into a post.



Where it’s supported

Field interpolation is supported in certain text inputs.

Step descriptions

Step descriptions currently only support user fields.

Post builder (actions)

You can interpolate any fields of the wizard user, and any wizard fields in a post builder.

Text inputs

You can interpolate any fields of the wizard user in any text input. You can also interpolate any wizard field in a text input in an action.

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 3.20.42 PM

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Great documentation, kudos! :clap:

when publishing as a topic, is there a way to interpolate a wizard dropdown field’s key and value fields? Have tried w{field.key} and w{field.value} and similar to no avail.

@per Hope you don’t mind that I moved your reply to this topic, as I suspect this is what you’re after?

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Sounds absolutely reasonable @angus :slight_smile:

However, I fail to understand if it is possible to interpolate both key and value fields from dropdown fields when an action creates a topic? Is there a way to check which values are possible to interpolate per field type? Ie, put another way, is there a way to check what each object looks like as per the example above?