Faizaan Gagan

Faizaan Gagan

Discourse enthusiast looking for interesting work

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what type of work are you looking for

Right now, I am looking for bugs and issues here to fix. Eventually, paid projects.

I am looking to hire skilled knowledge coders in Discourse-
Angus will most likely project managing —it will be a new different type of site- (more on this later)

but will need full IT tech to help and keep site going as well as adding adjusting plugins and possible new customization private plugins

It is for invited only legal community and will be connected to other pieces of software (some open source) some not.

Can tell you more later-

but looking to interview and talk to knowledge coders in Discourse for right now and find out costs and skillset


Hey @lawgorithms

@fzngagan is just testing the waters here atm. We’re actually in the process of setting up a freelancer collective here that could serve your needs well.

I’ll respond in more detail in a reply to your email (tomorrow).