Excluded category not appearing in sidebar

Layouts is back! :tada:

Now I’m experiencing another odd bug, which is that when I excluded the Blog category in my widget settings, Blog disappeared from the sidebar. What I had expected was that Blog would still be in the sidebar but that when I was in the Blog category, I would not see the sidebar.

I then removed Blog from the Excluded Categories section of my widget settings, but Blog did not reappear in the sidebar.

Hi, I’m checking back in on this. I’m curious and would love to have my Blog category reappear in layouts. Thank you!

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Will definitely look at it in the next two days :+1:

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@debryc I’ve moved this one as I keep forgetting it’s tucked away in the #knowledge replies. I tend to focus more on the bug report list.

I can’t actually repro this one. I’ve set up effectively the same scenario on try.thepavilion.io and it works as expected.

Huh. What’s different on ours is that we don’t use the Categories setting since that one is exclusive. We want all categories to have the sidebar except for the Blog category. Do you think that’s making the difference?

I’ve updated try.thepavilion.io to be exactly that, but it still seems to be working. Perhaps there’s some other issue with your site. Are there any errors in the web console?

How do I check errors in the web console?