Exception when navigating Pavilion site

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Discourse Version: this forum

Plugin Commit: this forum

Other Plugins

Steps to Reproduce

When I press “open source” in the top bar and then anything in the left menu, the forum keeps spinning and/or crashes.

When I go to /latest and then pick something from the left bar, it works.
After that, I can press things in the top bar as well.

When I reload using F5 it breaks again.

The error is a 429 and it is caused by the fact that the forum frantically tries to load /latest.json until it gets rate limited.


Yeah, I’ve noticed that. For workaround just refresh browser. Don’t know why this is tagged as topic list previews?

I did not select a plugin and then it assigned it to topic list previews. I am unable to change it.

Refreshing the browser makes the problem reappear, not go away. My workaround is to go to /latest and until I refresh everything keeps working.

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Very odd, now I can’t repro at all.

  • Click the logo top left
  • Press F5 <-- important step that makes the problem reappear
  • click “open source” in the top bar
  • click anything from the left hand menu

URL when going the above route:


URL when going via /latest and then pressing bug reports:


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Thanks, that repro’s.

I’ve updated the site today but still it persists. I will dig into this asap.

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I think I know what it is, deploying an attempting fix now.

(ps thanks for raising this @richard)


@richard @merefield This should be addressed. Could you see if you can repro?

(Also I had to temporarily disable the group visibility feature relevant to our work together as I think that’s the underlying cause. I’ll re-enable that when I take another look tomorrow).

Ref: Don't filter groups · paviliondev/discourse-pavilion@afb903f · GitHub

Still an issue

@merefield @richard @Eli Ok folks, I’m pretty sure this is fixed now.

ref: Filter namespace conflict · paviliondev/discourse-layouts@0cdd8e3 · GitHub


Yes, indeed, it is fixed!


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