events: provide a CALENDAR and EVENTS link on tag pages when event topics are listed on a tag page

events: provide a CALENDAR and EVENTS link on tag pages when event topics are listed on a tag page


provide a CALENDAR and EVENTS link on tag pages when event topics are listed on a tag page


Following on from a conversation with Tobias Eigen.

Our plan is to create/modify the Tag banner plugin with a path of tags (3-5) based on the page url (or tag page shown) so we can guide new users through a pre-set path, and combine it with the search bar header plugin so returning users can instantly get to where they want to get to.

Probably this will work by showing the 5 most common tags linked with the tag-page banner of the tag-page a user is on to create an evolving system - with the ability to define and exclude tags so it can be customised.

You can see that with the Kanban plugin that one of our volunteer Public Happiness Movement devs succeeded in adapting it for tag pages:

(included in case the code or method is useful)

Our platform covers a wide area and we’ve had constant reports of confusion with users being unable to navigate it, and being overwhelmed where to start, reaching the point where it barely functions, and everyone complains they can’t use Slack or whatsapp (which can’t scale to deliver our vision),
Enabling this would give Discourse users of your calendar plugin a working calendar on all tag-pages.

Use Case

Being able to codify a defined path to lead new users on a path through where we want them to go would solve our usability issues.

This also gives our users the ability to spin off their own groups and projects easily, and for fluid cross team collaboration simply by adding a tag i.e. #webdev #reactjs #ux, so now three teams can see the discussion and related tasks/calendar, and then maybe someone wants to add a #bobsfridayhackteam

Our complete plan

To give a more complete overview of our intended navigation system, we also intend to modify the tag-banners plugin which currently doesn’t allow text below - now we can put key links there to replace and improve the lost function ‘pinning’ of important posts in a category, and include the search bar in the banner so returning users can skip directly to where they want to be rather than navigate using the tags navigation plugin.

We’ve also planned a similar style to your homepage, where the key tags are shown in boxes to provide users more information on key tags. I suspect yours is using categories, which is an option if it can be tied into our plan

It’ll look like this:


Tag Banner Title
Discourse Tag Banners - theme - Discourse Meta

[most common tag 1] [tag 2] [tag 3] [tag 4] [tag 5]

Search bar
Search banner theme component - theme - Discourse Meta

Tag description (if provided) also to add (‘pin’) important links
this functionality is in the category banner, but not the tag banner
Discourse Category Banners - theme - Discourse Meta

Main Page

Discourse posts. Some with voting, some without.

Floating Footer

5 theme component pages which link to the tag pages so users can switch between actions on the visible page

[Discuss] [Tasks] [Calendar] [Vote]

  • Discuss: Standard Discourse threads
  • Tasks: Discourse Kanban for this tag page
  • Calendar: Events Calendar for this tag page
  • Vote: Discussion threads where voting is enabled. We’d use this for suggesting new projects


We are now crowdfunding a Happier World Economies Summit where we’ll be launching a Public Happiness blockchain token as an effort to create a new economic system which rewards people for benefiting society in ways currently ignored by today’s economic system. Essentially rewarding people for getting active to improve life in their local community.

The token launch will be at an alternative economic Summit we’re creating at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Kind-hearted supporters of our vision in the Davos community have offered us space to give a platform to people and projects creating the most amazing projects to benefit humanity, who are currently ignored by today’s economic system - and question why the economic world ignores this kind of effort, and how we can change that.

If we could interest you, or those within your community in joining in, we could offer a percentage deal of our crowd-funder for the rebuild. The platform is for bringing people together to create positive societal projects to improve life, both locally and globally. We’re incentivising this with the token launch, which we’d also want to reward the builder(s) with.

…quite a complex story. being non-monetary until now creates the need for creative solutions. None of our team are in it for the money, but we expect a cut of the crowdfunder and a good sum of tokens, to reward everyone supporting it very well economically, and empower everyone across the world to more effectively create positive change.

Thanks for laying this out @PublicHappinessAndy. I’ve responded to your message to, which gives some more context to how we’ll deal with this request. Will update you here if we can slot this in to our open source schedule.


@angus i tried to update this with a clearer vision of the entire project, to compliment the the feature request. I’m not sure if i should post the entire vision as a second request, as someone may want this to work on tag pages, and someone else may like the entire system we’ve designed and are looking for people to join in building with us.

it says ‘this post was created too long ago and you can’t edit it’


@PublicHappinessAndy I’ve made it a wiki :+1:

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Thanks @angus. I still can’t seem to edit it. and i can’t post it as a reply as i can only post 2 links. I included the plugins to create the proposed new system

@angus got it. i think i needed to reload this page. thank you