events plugin not working for last months

events plugin not working for last months


Discourse Version: 2.4.0.beta11 b0f4149d6e

Plugin Commit: discourse-events 63e7a38 github .com/paviliondev/discourse-events

Other Plugins
docker_manager 2c89085
https:// github .com/discourse/docker_manager.git

retort d2eb118
https:// www.github .com/gdpelican/retort

Steps to Reproduce

the plugin was working well last year.
now a user reported that the map and the “add place+date” button on new topice creating is not longer shown.
see: Plugin functionality is gone · Issue #77 · paviliondev/discourse-events · GitHub


its a closed forum for homebrewers

its a german installation, please contact me direct if you need an login for test.

contact: daniel )et(


./launcher cleanup

and then ./launcher rebuild app

output of the “./launcher rebuild app”:

http:// 19216801 .de/i.txt

Hi !
I’m not sure if it’s important and i’m sure it won’t help for the bug… but a smtp password is showing at the end of the rebuid log :anguished:

I’d try to disable retort just to be sure and maybe this has something to do with the disappearance/non-appearance of the events icon:

Damn, plain passwords in logs like 2010 ;(

thanks for report, changed password.

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hmm, i had enabled events in some categories.
disable there and disable in main conf and then reenable in main conf does not help.

i dont want to remove “retort” plugin and lost all thumb-ups.

better way is do uninstall event plugin und reinstall.
there are no events i can lost.

so, what is the best/clean way to reinstall the events plugin so all config/dtabase changes are cleaned?

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Rebuilding is basically reinstalling all the plugins.

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