events: Payment Integration


Payment Integration


For events that require paid tickets, it would be great to have some way to accommodate this in the Discourse plugin. Ideally, you’d be able to post an event on Discourse which lists ticket prices, and people could purchase a ticket right on that event topic or within a few clicks of it. Once they have bought a ticket they would be RSVPed for the event.

This could look a number of ways:

  1. A full payment / ticketing platform wrapped into the plugin (likely not feasible)
  2. A way to embed a widget or link (from Eventbrite, for example) which acts as a conditional trigger for RSVPs in the plugin
  3. Connecting to something like Eventbrite to pull RSVPs from that platform where people have already purchased tickets

Or perhaps something else is possible!

Use Case

I would love to be able to use this for the professional community/organization I am helping to form, which will use Discourse as a communication hub and for planning networking & discussion events. Membership is free but by approval / invite only, and each event has a ticket price to cover food, overhead, etc. for that event. This could also be used for any other type of paid event.