events: Export the guest list


Export the guest list


Currently the guest list is viewable, and you can click on the users. While nice, it has limited utility.

It would be very helpful to be able to do more things with this list, for example:

  1. To PM all of the guests
  2. Have all the guests in a group
  3. To pull more guest data

This will really facilitate the organising of more complex events.

Use Case

I want to use the events plugin to manage local, regional, and national events in our network. In order to do this effectively, I need to be able to communicate further with that particular group of people (ie the guests). Additionally their user data is vital; but if I can just have a list of usernames I can then put them in a group and pull their data using Data Explorer anyway.

The key thing that is needed is simply to access the guest list in a way that I can copy and re-use. I can


Iā€™m not sure; will take it to my budget holder