events: Change the copy of the button "Going" on the topic page


Change the copy of the button “Going” on the topic page


I think that its not clear enough the button “Going” if the person didn’t select that yet. I would like to have something like “Are you going? Click here”, and after they click it would change for the regular “Going”. I tried to change it with select the item but the DOM is not fully ready when I tried it, and the code become confused.

Use Case

It’s just because is not clear enough that they need to click there to confirm that the person is going.


Hey @Paranka,

You can change the copy of this button on your Discourse in “Customise” “Text Content” search for “event_rsvp”.

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Hi Angus, thank you for the quick answer, but the problem is that I would like to have a different copy for both state, if the person is going it should remain ‘going’ but if the person didn’t confirm yet, should say some like ‘Are you going?’. Your suggestion it changes for both states.

I tried something like this but its not working:
document.querySelector(".event-rsvp").addEventListener(“click”, function () {

if (document.querySelector(".event-rsvp button").classList.contains(“btn-primary”)) {
document.querySelector(".event-rsvp span").innerText = ‘going’;
} else {
document.querySelector(".event-rsvp span").innerText = ‘R u going? Click in Here’;
document.querySelector(".event-rsvp button").classList.remove(“btn-primary”);

Please let me know if you have any suggestion.



@angus funnily enough I received some similar feedback on this from a Discourse-experienced and pretty keen organiser of one of sub-communities (the New Zealand group as it happens)

Their users were confused that when you first see the Event in the topic’s header, it says ‘Going’ and it’s checked (:uk: ‘ticked’), which appears to indicate Discourse ‘thinks’ that you are already Going.

The first-time user has to actually click on the button in order to know that the colour will change to blue when clicked.

I’ve changed the site text to ‘Attending’ in this instance, but this still doesn’t change the slightly confusing UI.

Could we consider changing the check mark to something else eg a question mark, until the user indicates they are Going - and only then changing to a check?

Interesting that although Facebook (which like it or not, must be seen at the de-facto standard for Events here :confounded:) does have a very similar looking ‘Going’ - with check mark - but because it’s alongside the other options (‘Interested’, ‘Ignore’ etc) it’s clearer as a user that you haven’t made your decision yet.

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@Paranka Somehow I missed your follow-up here, sorry about that.

@pacharanero Interesting, I see the issue.

@fzngagan Thoughts on this? I’m thinking the simple move is to just add seperate text and icons for going and not going.


Yepp. I agree.


I also agree.

What would we likely go for in terms of default text? ‘Going’ is fine for the state when someone has indicated they’re going, but the tricky one here is what word or words imply ‘Click Here To Say You’re Going’ other than the ones I’ve just used?

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Maybe Go


Some options. The right pairing would depend heavily on the community.

:grey_question:Go / :heavy_check_mark: Going
:grey_question: Attend / :heavy_check_mark: Attending
:grey_question: Register / :heavy_check_mark: Registered

We might also want to think about a second iteration that allows for ‘Ignore/Decline/Not Going/Not Attending’ option, although this is less important immediately. What this adds is automatic ‘Attendance/Apologies’ lists for meetings, for the organiser


Thanks for addressing this issue. I struggle with how I think this might be improved too, and like @pacharanero’s suggestions. The idea of a :grey_question: icon that turns into a :heavy_check_mark: icon is clever. I always liked the evite options - we could look at those for inspiration… they allow you to say “maybe” or “no” which is helpful information as well, along with a quick note to everybody. I think the copy for these options was customizable, but I think that’s overkill.

Funny coincidence: the folks over at discourse are just now responding to a feature request I added to let polls be used for RSVP back in the day before this plugin existed. Any way to have a single option poll with just one option to choose from? - support - Discourse Meta

That topic has a screenshot of a single option poll with text I wrote to try to make it fun and engaging.

:white_check_mark: Yes, I’m in! See you Friday! :rocket:

Perhaps a solution would be to make this customizable on a per event basis, with a default filled in? Might end up having mixed results, if event creators don’t know what they are doing.

On the other hand, maybe we should slash through all this complexity and just rename the button to ‘RSVP’ from Going. When you select it you turn it blue. The number of attendees is changed from eg 1 Going to just the number e.g. 1 or if that is too small for a finger press target, use a group icon.

Adding a screenshot so we can see it as we discuss it.

Meanwhile, I also think the Add to Calendar button is confusing and takes up alot of real estate. What calendar am I empowered to add this to? The site calendar? My own calendar? I think this could just be shortened to Calendar and if someone clicks on it they will see what happens.

To respond to the OP…

I like the thinking behind this. My members do not know what to do with the Going button either and they would likely be misled by a RSVP button. Perhaps if a URL method could be provided to trigger the RSVP action that would be pretty nifty… we could put the spelled out call to action in a post or even in an email or social media post.

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