Events: Add admin controls for RSVP list

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Is this going to make it back on to the priority list? @fzngagan

@tobiaseigen, its done and closed by @angus, isn’t it?

Maybe. I may have lost track of the goal for this topic. Angus had also linked to my post with some more features that are also important to get to at some point:

The task list you wrote above contained most the features I think we need. To repeat the key ones from there that would make this plugin work as eventbrite killer:

  • Guest rsvp
  • Event reminders
  • Event rsvp list export
  • Rsvp custom fields

Other items from your list that are interesting for this purpose:

  • Adding multiple events to one topic.
  • Recurring events
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@fzngagan We should keep this topic closed and create seperate feature tasks for:

  1. RSVP list export
  2. RSVP custom fields
  3. Event reminders

We will schedule them in later this week. Most likely won’t get to them for a few months.


Sure, I’ll create them later today.

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Thanks, guys! That makes sense and I appreciate.

To clarify… you are both saying this topic is closed. Can you explain what you mean by that? It has tag ‘done’ but the topic is still open to replies, no?

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The issue is closed. :wink: . I’m closing this topic and others related to events which are done.

These issues are already created by u :slight_smile: . We’ll need to schedule/re-schedule them.

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