Europe’s Biggest Tech Job Fairs. Next event in London, 23rd - 24th November 2019

Europe’s Biggest Tech Job Fairs. Next event in London, 23rd - 24th November 2019

Hey all, I plan to visit here next month with a bunch of business cards.

It really is an incredible event (it’s annual), and there are sooooo many well known tech brands attending.

It would be good to review our marketing material beforehand so we are sure that we are happy to have additional eyes on :slight_smile: and make sure our email is working for individual members if possible.

@pacharanero feel free to join me.

For that matter, anyone is free to fly to London!

Tickets are free but you have to apply.

Unfortunately I have access only to the engineering day, which might have been a bit of a boob on my part - we might get better traction with the PM/BA day the day before.

@Eli I believe there is one stateside now under a different name, but same org


I had a thought about something that’s related. Along with getting some marketing related material ready, how about getting a linkedin page for pavilion set up and update our profiles saying we work for/with Pavilion. This way, we can get their audience’s attention on Pavilion. What say @members?

I have changed my Meta profile recently to reflect Pavilion work. I don’t have a LinkedIn profile. Well I do actually, but it literally points you to contact me on some other medium. I hate LinkedIn slightly less now I know they are on an Ember app, but that still means I hate them quite a lot.

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I don’t know why but the social feed makes me nauseous.

This reminds me of the LinkedIn social feed:


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LinkedIn is hot in India to say the least. I love github not only as a version control system but also as a portfolio but the people that hang out there are only technical ones. LinkedIn has a business audience which is probably ideal for us IMO.

But I would like to know why you guys hate it?

It’s like a social network but without any single redeeming feature that normal social networks have - like people on there being friends/acquaintances, like people contacting you for reasons other than wanting something from you…

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Yeah more often they want something from you rather than offering something for you

PS my LinkedIn profile already reflects Pavilion.

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If it came to it, for the benefit of Pavilion, I could probably stomach putting more on my profile, but it would only be a pointer to my profile on Meta/

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I would like to disagree. I’ve seen people help other people get jobs there. And they have a connection thing as compared to friends on fb or similar. It doesn’t seem like a selfish place to me. Am I missing something here?

I’m not saying it’s not useful, it definitely is. It’s just very invasive, and really brings out the worst ‘businessey’ side to some people

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Agree. It’s useful. It’s the de facto place to link up a new business contact now.

But boy it’s nauseating. I wish you could switch the social feed off. It’s incredibly pretentious but also amusing how people think sharing 5 year old business memes will reflect well on their image.


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Its like I’ve had a completely different experience there. What I’m trying to say is, our presence there may be of some help for general exposure/business opportunities probably.

It might be a good place to start putting our content out. It might also be a good place to engage with people who don’t know about discourse but might get interested in building stuff with it once they know about it. I am all ears to the downsides of LinkedIn, even though it comes to me as an alien thing…

It’s probably just healthy British cynicism.

But the one think we detest is pretence.


Yes, because of low(no) barrier to entry I guess. But there are really smart people hanging out there too.

It’s more than that and more subtle. It’s the way people knowingly or unknowingly embellish their communication on there with BS and business bingo words. And that social feed :man_facepalming:t3:

But as a contacts database very useful. In fact the best way to keep (ex) colleagues separate that you don’t want knowing more about your private life from eg Facebook. Lol

However I’ve yet to have gained any new opportunity from it.


True for me too. Probably, a normal site with good content and SEO might do well for us.

Don’t have a profile there either. Hasn’t been necessary!

Dislike social media as a whole but that’s a whole other story. :smiley:


Isn’t Discourse also a social media platform? :thinking: :wink:


I think stuff like facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, etc. are kinda it’s own class. Not sure what other word to describe :stuck_out_tongue:

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Absolutely :100:.

Mass-market social media? Major platforms?

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