Error with default topic list set to map


Discourse Version: latest

Plugin Commit: latest

Other Plugins
I have disabled all other plugins

Steps to Reproduce

Set a category’s default topic list to map.



I know we’re not in the support period so not a rush. Plus this site isn’t live yet, but it would be nice if I could at least get back into the category, can it be changed in rails, or?

The support period came and went and this is still broken, is anyone looking at this?

Sorry David, haven’t got around to looking at this yet and swamped with deadlines.

Can repro the issue though.

For now, please use alternative of not selecting as default.

To recover a Category do something like:

myCategory = Category.find_by(id: 8)
myCategory.default_view = "latest"!
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Thanks Rob, with the other bit I was able to switch it back to latest. As a test I then disabled all plugins and components except locations, then tried changing the default view to map again and it still happens.