Dyanamically update wizard templates when object attributes change


Discourse Version: 189b4c49

Plugin Commit: e865516xxx

Steps to Reproduce

I changed some usernames to align two forums.

This unexpectedly prevented the CWP sending a PM to one of them.

When I looked at the wizard, the username in the action field was the old one, i.e. it didn’t update with the change.

This might happen when group names are changed too, but I haven’t tested that.



Not useful at all. Must be 30 characters.

@Nathan Thanks for raising this, however it isn’t really a bug, more of a feature request, i.e. to dynamically update wizards when usernames change. A bug is when the code doesn’t work. This is not something we’ve added to wizards yet.

We’d need to consider all the edge cases here before we adopt this approach. In the meantime, the manual version will suffice for wizard administration.