Do not hesitate: Got for It!

Do not hesitate: Got for It!

In December 2018, IN COMMON required some extension of the Custom Wizard plugin and Locations plugin to enable working with geographical coordinates in the wizards, and do some bug fixing.


I was quite stressed with the amount of things requested at the hourly fee. But it ended up being much less work than I expected: these people can pack a lot of effective code in an hour!

In the end the result was exactly as expected and announced, and, as it is free software, given back to the whole community to enjoy it!

The whole process was delightful, thanks to very swift and friendly follow up on the dedicated Discourse space.


The only problem, working between the European Union and Australia at the time, was the hefty fee taken by the bank intermediaries on both sides: it should really end up in the pockets of The Pavilion workers, and I hope they can find a way to drop this banking tax that’s unfair to them.


You cannot go wrong: go for it! The Pavilion developers and project managers know what they’re doing, and will treat you like a welcoming neighbor who helps you unpack your stuff, and shows you around.