I was wondering if the Discourse community is now getting to the size where it might be able to support an annual conference… what do people think? Pavilion could work with other people also working in the Discourse arena to put one together, maybe?

I know of some event organising people in London who might be interested in this if we were to go for it. Would a London based event work, for the first one at least?


The Discourse team had their conf last week. But, for some reason, only the team is invited. Its more like a team hangout of sorts.

I would love to attend a conference like this. What we could also do, is to represent discourse in some pre-existing conferences and introduce Pavilion as an agency doing Discourse work.

Anything, physical or virtual along these lines would be super cool.


Yes, I’d love to do this. Could you briefly run through what you see as the benefits of a conference? My thoughts on the benefits are roughly along the lines of:

  1. It would be fun
  2. We’d get to meet existing stakeholders in the online community space
  3. It could grow the Discourse community
  4. It could grow our client base

In terms of location, yes I think London is the best place for this. In terms of timing, perhaps we could aim for the end of 2020, i.e. one year from now? I may well be in London then anyway.

Lastly, what’s the best way to kick planning for this off? Perhaps we should invite your conference friends to a help us kick off the planning here on https://thepavilion.io?


Would be very excited to help how I can. Have run smaller events and always wanted to run something larger. Also never been to London and would be very excited to finally visit!

What are some cons we can look at for reference (being realistic about the audience we get, what do we expect?). How much does this sort of thing cost?


+1 to all your benefits plus:
5. It would be a great opportunity for all of Pavilion to meet up
6. It would provide a ‘home’ for communities who are using Discourse to get together and swap ideas, compare notes etc

I can ask them if they would be interested - they currently run 3 major events a year and put a lot of effort into them, so they may feel they cannot add in another one. That said, that period of the year (October/November) is when they don’t have events on so it could be a possibility. These events people are one of my Discourse clients themselves, and they are very into the theory and practice of community building - they read a lot of Feverbee (another Discourse site!)

works for me!

I’ll start by contacting the events people I know.



Yes, I think one thing we should think about early on is if and how we finance or partially support things like member travel to the conference. Maybe we could run this with a open source / community focus and seek public or non-profit funding.

Interested to hear what your event friends say

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Semi-related: We should get that spreadsheet on existing spending together.


I guess you could do it as a ‘member benefit’ for members with a certain time served / work done? Pavilion will, over time, need to accumulate some ‘working capital’ to finance its internal affairs, and this could be funded from that.

Alternatively you do it with external sponsorship / public / donation funding, but that’s potentially less reliable.


Super cool. I’ll lay out a thought which is related to this before it slips my mind.

We can plan and build paid plugins for that. A part of the revenue from paid plugins can be kept for these purposes. Also, paid plugins don’t mean that they aren’t opensource. The whole wordpress market is full of premium opensource plugins, where customers pay for support and updates.

Probably worth having it’s own topic about getting organization funds.