Discourse Year Planner Plugin

Discourse Year Planner Plugin

This is basically a development of the existing Events and Calendar plugins so that there would be an optional full screen ‘Year Planner’ view of the same events. Year planners used to be a thing in offices and workplaces, but since the advent of computers and smartphones they’ve disappeared. Not even the hipster workplaces festooned with Post-its and ‘Do The Hard Work To Make It Simple’ posters have brought back year planners.

I miss the long-term horizon-scanning view year planners gave. It’s good to be able to scan way ahead when planning stuff for work and life in general.

Just in case this is an entirely UK phenomenon and nobody else knows what I’m talking about, here is an example of a year planner:

Clearly there wouldn’t be much room for text, but some kind of colour blocks and a key might work.


I like this