Discourse Frotz

Going to post this here in case anyone wants to try it before releasing to meta.

Gives me chance to draft, test and update the instructions before fully going live.

This is an early release and will be very much a WIP for a long time, but has been tested on Production.

Discourse Frotz

Git repo: GitHub - merefield/discourse-frotz: A plugin that uses Frotz to give you an interactive fiction experience on your Discourse forum

(NB I didn’t think this was suitable as an official ‘pavilion’ plugin, hence I used my own account)

What is it

It’s a ‘bot’ with which to play interactive fiction aka text adventure games on your Discourse forum and is essentially an adaptor to the standard Z-machine interpreter called ‘frotz’ at David Griffith / frotz · GitLab

See Discourse Frotz - plugin - Discourse Meta


FYI this is posted on Meta now and going forward the Topic will be maintained there.

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