Discourse Categories and Groups Visualisation

Discourse Categories and Groups Visualisation

On some of the Discourses I run we have a very complex arrangement of Groups and Categories, and an even more complex arrangement of Create/Reply/See permissions for each category.

Over time it can be really difficult (or at least slow and labour intensive) to check things like:

  • Are there any user Groups which have access to a Category they shouldn’t?
  • Are there any ‘orphan’ user Groups which don’t have access to any Categories?
  • Are there any Categories which don’t have a matching user Group?

What I’d really like to have is a visual representation of all the Groups, all the Categories and all the relationships, which are basically CategoryUser objects.

In my mind’s eye I can see a v0.1 of this this working really well in Neo4j - so that you can view the Group or the Category in a dynamic, moving display, and see the CAN_SEE CAN_REPLY CAN_CREATE relationships connecting them.

I might have a go at building something like this as a POC, although it won’t be for a while as I’m busy with other stuff, so I thought I’d describe the idea here for now. If i get time to do some experimentation with Neo4j I’ll put some further info here, and maybe a screenshot of the built-in graph visualiser in Neo4j


Someone asked about this on meta very recently.

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