Devise and implement a meta engagement strategy

We need a clear policy and management of how we engage on meta in a few areas. The goal here is to try and clearly articulate “Best Practices”, and, where possible, provide templates and other efficiency improvements.

  1. Responses on plugin topics. We need to standardise how we deal with engagement on plugin topics.

    • Response templates? I find myself writing same response (i.e. please file a bug report / feature request) alot. Is there a way we can improve / systematise this?

    • Response heuristics? i.e. when do we send folks to the bug-report feature-request wizards and when do we respond directly in meta? We need clear policies / guidelines on this for all members to follow when managing a plugin.

  2. Plugin topic templates. We need to standardise the content we have in the first post of plugin topics. We have a template here: Plugin topic template. This needs to be:

    • Reviewed and improved.

    • Rolled out to all plugins

    • A system needs to be in place to update the plugin topic periodically to accurately reflect the plugin features. There are currently a large number of features that are not mentioned anywhere on meta, particularly for plugins like Custom Wizard.

  3. Pavilion member meta profiles. We don’t want to enforce strict rules for profiles for members on meta, but we should have guidelines for members to follow, e.g.

    • Use of real name, and type of avatar

    • Points about Pavilion to include in bio, e.g. how to contact us

  4. Policy on engagement with the discourse team, e.g.

  5. Consider use of the Discourse Use API to automate any of the above. It is possible to interact with Meta via the user API. In what circumstances could that be used, being conscious of the need to avoid spamming meta / breaching rules or meta conventions.

  6. Anything else along the same lines as the above.

Note that there is already a policy for how to deal with prospective client communication: Client Onboarding. There is no need to cover this here. This project is focused on Pavilion’s open source work.