Developer Assignments

Developer Assignments

The assignment of work happens at two places in our pipeline:

  1. After initial contact is made, a project manager is assigned. See further Client Onboarding.

  2. After a specification and quote is agreed, a software developer is assigned. See further here: How we work with clients.

This topic is specifically about 2, i.e. software developer assignments. For project manager assignments, see Client Onboarding.

1. #dev-needed applied

The last step of the task development process is to apply a #dev-needed tag to each task that needs to be completed by a developer. This inidicates that the task is ready to be worked on.

By this stage the project manager will have determined the initial billable hours estimate for the task and applied a rate, both of which are noted in topic fields.

2. Developer indicates interest

There are a few different ways to keep abreast of the #dev-needed tag. The easiest way is to just watch the tag. There is also an “unassigned” topic list in the topic menu where you can view all unassigned work.

To indicate your interest in a task, @mention the PM member who is assigned to the project of which the task is a part. Do this in the task topic itself via Whipser, or via a regular post, whichever you feel comfortable with.

3. Project manager assigns developer

The PM member takes the following into account when assigning tasks:

  • Overall amount of work a dev is currently assigned
  • Level of assignments of other dev members
  • How close the member is to their monthly earnings target.