Date preview for events doesn't show up when using Topic List Previews


Discourse Version: 2.6.0.beta6

Plugin Commit: 5e3a90c

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Steps to Reproduce

We use the theme component for Topic List Previews to style the view of one category. We also use the Events feature of the discourse-calendar plugin. Events normally show up with a date preview in the topics list:

Screenshot from 2020-12-17 10-47-40

When enabling the theme component, this preview doesn’t show anymore on any view, no matter if if the category or list is enabled with the component or not.


no console errors

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This isn’t really a bug - it’s simply that TLP doesn’t presently support the Events plugin (TLP supported the Event plugin from Pavilion). This issue has already been raised, so is kind of a duplicate.

I can see it being useful though.

Thanks, I searched and didn’t find the issue! I also understood that it doesn’t support events. The one thing that I don’t understand is why it’s affecting list views that it does not style?

Thanks for doing the due dilligence.

I believe the Events plugin introduced title decoration in javascript, ignoring plugin outlets. The TLP plugin simply pushes the serialized data to customised templates (fast and reliable).

I’ll have a look at what might be required.

It’s a bit annoying, as you can imagine, when a Discourse plugin does something fancy that circumvents existing standards :). Had they used plugin outlets, nothing would have broken

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That’s what I found on the Discourse Event topic on meta.discourse:

This should be fixed on the plugin and the TC now:

Please confirm and also please confirm which flavour you are using (TC or plugin?).

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Using the TC. Looks great! :sunny:

Screenshot from 2020-12-21 00-30-32

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