custom-wizard: Show wizard for anonym users (not logedin)


Show wizard for anonymous users (not logged in)


Is it possible to enable anonymous users to use the wizard (e. g. as a contact form)

Use Case

a contact form. All users, regardless of whether they are logged in, want to use the contact form.



This is a great feature request for users that would like to interact with Discourse from their external services/websites with users that are not yet registered.

Previous discussion about this feature in: Custom Wizard Plugin - plugin - Discourse Meta


Would love to see this. We had hoped to use the plugin to allow people to report vulnerabilities in our open source packages.

It didn’t occur to us that the plugin would require a user to have an account and be logged in which for our use case is a deal breaker.

Perhaps it is worth adding a note about this to the discourse meta topic?

Thanks for the awesome plugins!

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Don’t you think allowing anonymous topics would lead to a lot of spamming?

Perhaps, it might be necessary to implement some form of spam prevention, a recaptcha for example. Maybe some of Discourse’s flagging could be used such as “user typed to fast” - maybe then silencing the IP address for a length of time.

Hey guys. This is possible, but it won’t happen for some time as a fair bit of the custom wizard code assumes a user is present. We’re actually about to release a “landing pages” plugin for discourse which includes a contact forum module, which is better suited to this use case. Stay tuned for that.