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I had an old wizard that became corrupted when I changed the ID in the .json export and put in a syntax error (a - instead of a _). This meant that I could not use it or destroy it.

In the end I used a wizard with the same ID as that fixed the problems I had at the time adequately.

This was messy but fine until I started an overhaul of the wizard (and its associated wizards, you know the crazy multi-wizard mess I made).

Now this particular wizard (Welcome to Health Forum NZ) fires every time a new user joins to the site, with a blank screen of death.

I tried to ride with this by using this ID for my much leaner joining wizard, but it now fires every time a new user returns to the site. This is unacceptable!!

Perhaps what I need is to just delete the offending records. But honestly, a full wipe and start again (with archived wizards) will be fine so I’ll do that.


There won’t be much to see unless you make a test user.



On reflection, this could be a bug in the CWP with the signup - that I have only noticed while messing about with my joining stuff

@Nathan Try deleting it in the manager first

What do you take me for? I’ve done that, and then reconstituted that wizard re-using the ghost’s ID. I’ll wipe it right now and you take a look.

Note that “Health Professionals on HFNZ” (the same ID) cannot be destroyed.

And here is the white screen of death for my new users.

If you have a full export of the wizards, let’s rectify this ASAP by performing the commands I posted on meta. If you’re not comfortable with doing it, you can add my ssh key using

ssh-import-id gh:angusmcleod

Thanks Angus - you are a star!

I don’t mind doing it. Getting braver in there and I love the power.

And I can just turn the CWP off anyway so no massive urgency. I’m just getting things prepared for an upcoming influx in a couple of weeks.


We definitely want to get to the bottom of this however. This is possibly caused by the editing of the ID as mentioned above, but in any event the wizard architechture should prevent that from causing this kind of issue.

We’re moving to get the CWP to a completely stable state in preparation for a PRO version of it, so all holes like this need to be 100% plugged. We’re quite close on that front, but this is concerning.

Please share a copy of your wizard export privately.


I’m pretty sure that it was caused by this. It would be great to catch an invalid ID during an import as I will not be the only one hacking wizards, and I have done this inadvertently several times.

The destroy all Wizards Rails task did the job beautifully - I backed up the wizards I wanted to keep first, did the task, and then restored them. All good now.

Unfortunately, I did this before reading your post so can no longer share the corrupt wizard(s). But I’ll let you know if any new issues crop up with my revamped joining Wizard.

This is excellent news - I have noticed the improvements! Keep up the good work and I hope that it goes well.

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