Custom-wizard: Date variable to insert into Title

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Date variable to insert into Title


{date} variable that can be added to “New Topic” title

Use Case

Use-case: Using the Custom Wizard as a worksheet tool. An example is a “Weekly Planner” worksheet form.


  • What are your most important priorities for the week (list 3)
  • Who do you need to follow-up with?
  • What are your top 3 strategic projects?

Submit --> Create a new Topic

Issue: I want the topic to be named “Weekly Planner - {date} - u{name}”

Therefore, having a custom “Date” variable I can use in the Title of a Topic via Custom Wizard would be dreamy.

Thanks for the wonderful plugin! Y’all are awesome! <3



@Waffleslop I think this is a great feature addition, and realtively straightforward. My goal is to do it in the next week or so.

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How can I submit my $25 bounty? I couldn’t find you on Venmo. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about the bounty. I’d probably lose that much in transaction fees anyway!

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@Waffleslop I’ve just pushed this. Update and try it out.

Format: v{time:<strftime format>} (see Class: Time (Ruby 1.9.3))

Example: v{time:%B %-d, %Y}

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Confirming it worked as intended. The ability to change date format is very welcomed. Thanks @angus!

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