Custom Wizard basic annoyances - am I off track here?


I’ve noticed a couple of issues with the Custom Wizard and wanted your input/confirmation.

Two issues relate to Admin:

  1. When you are working on a step, if you save the step, the interface reverts to the very first step. This can be counterintuitive. You might just want to ‘save your work’ and wish to continue editing the current step. Might be better to stay in current step.
  2. You have to be very careful to choose a distinct action and field id between steps otherwise the wizard gets very confused and starts populating the wrong settings for a different step. The interface also doesn’t enforce distinct id’s. Has this always been the case?

One issues relates to running the wizard:

  1. Occasionally I can get a big red message telling me I do not have access to the Wizard. Only recourse is to rebuild the entire wizard. Any clues as to what this might be?

@merefield Thanks for reporting these :+1:

Yes, both of these are issues. Could you file a seperate bug report for them? (or update this one to make it specific to those).

This should be fixed actually. Are you running the latest commit of the plugin?

Good point! I’m not.

Thanks for confirmations.

Could you please review the PR when you get chance?

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@merefield PR reviewed!


Great thanks for your time to do that. I’ll revert.

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