Custom HTML in Custom Layouts switches positions in Chrome & Firefox


Discourse Version: 2.7.0.beta3

Plugin Commit: 0.2

Other Plugins
discourse-cakeday 0.2 Y

discourse-calendar 0.2 Y

discourse-formatting-toolbar 3.2 Y

discourse-layouts 0.2 Y

discourse-news 0.3 Y

discourse-patreon 2.0 Y

discourse-topic-list-previews 4.4.0 Y

docker_manager 0.1 Y

Steps to Reproduce

I’ve added 2 links via Custom HTML:

Based on the settings, the Custom Links should be shown first and the navigation with the categories below that (as on the picture above). On Chrome, Windows app it works fine.

However, on Firefox, the order is reversed. (See below).