composer issue


Discourse Version: 2.6.1

Plugin Commit: master

Other Plugins
Name Version Aktiviert?
discourse-adplugin 1.2.5 J Einstellungen
discourse-affiliate 0.2 J Einstellungen
discourse-akismet 0.1.0 J Einstellungen
discourse-bcc 0.1 J Einstellungen
discourse-canned-replies 1.2 J Einstellungen
discourse-chat-integration 0.1 N Einstellungen
discourse-custom-wizard 0.6.0 J Einstellungen
discourse-data-explorer 0.2 J Einstellungen
discourse-knowledge-explorer 0.1 N Einstellungen
discourse-legal-tools 0.2 J Einstellungen
discourse-linkify-google-sheets 0.1 J Einstellungen
discourse-math 0.9 N Einstellungen
discourse-merge-users 0.1.0 J Einstellungen
discourse-migratepassword 0.71 J Einstellungen
private-topics 0.4 J Einstellungen
discourse-quick-messages 0.1 J Einstellungen
discourse-ratings 0.2 J Einstellungen
discourse-sitemap 1.2 J Einstellungen
discourse-solved 0.1 J Einstellungen
discourse-spoiler-alert 0.4 N Einstellungen
discourse-user-notes 0.0.2 J Einstellungen

Steps to Reproduce

I set up 4 types and added all of them to a category
When I hit reply, the composer is cut off at bottom of the display on mobile. Hence the text area and the submit buttons at the bottom are not available


set up free account to be able to post a reply and reproduce


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What plugin or theme component of ours does this relate to? Thanks!

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In bug report wizard I chose topic ratings plugin from the dropdown. How come it’s not added into the topic?


Thanks. We’ll take a look at that too.


I’ll take a look at this and the tagging thing tomorrow.


The tagging issue is fixed. Now, the reports related to the ratings plugin will be tagged with topic-rating tag.

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Here’s what I’m seeing

I checked on my phone(OnePlus 7t) and I am getting similar results.

Do share the exact device you’re using.

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Hey there

i tested it initially on macOS Chrome inspect in mobile view
Now I tested it again with Chrome on Android 11 on Oneplus 9 Pro. Issue persists on my site:
Video here:

PS: I checked css and the height of div is limited to 250px in compose.scss file.

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I’ll investigate further today.


Here’s the fix for this.

I’ve merged this. Do let me know how it looks now. :slight_smile:

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Setting an autoclose on this. Do get back if any concerns are still there.