Comment on OP's Question


Comment on OP’s Question


I encourage you to add the ability to comment on questions.

Currently, one can only comment on answers to questions, but not comment on the original question. In Stack Overflow, commenting on the original question is a great place for meta-feedback. For example, “this question would be much easier to help you with you had had a reproducible example and dummy data”.

There’s currently no good place to give that meta feedback, except in an answer.

As I understand it, a “comment” is just a reply to a reply. And there is no easy way to distinguish between reply to the Question that’s intended to be a comment or an answer. So, I understand why you may have decided to leave this out for now.


Use Case

In cases where novice inexperience question-askers are frequent on the forum, or where even normal questions need a bit of back-and-forth to get to the core of the question.

In these cases a meta discussion often occurs, which is better handled in a comment to the OP question, than in an answer that isn’t really answering anything yet.

Net question gets on sponsor - yes, sure. But let’s chat.



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I will see if I can add this feature in the next release (around 5th next month) :slight_smile:

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Added in version 1.2.1